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September 23, 2017

By Tessa Ratzlaff

This morning we left our hotel in Beijing, and drove to Tianjin! Two hours later we arrived at the Westin Hotel in Tianjin. The hotel is amazing, and we are very excited to be staying here for our last two nights!

For lunch we all walked to KFC, and had our first KFC experience in China! Most of us ordered fried chicken burgers, fries, and coke... a great pre game meal. We then drove to Tianjin University, where we played the Tianjin University Women's Basketball Team. This team had a few tall girls, but for the most part they were around the same height as our team. We ended up beating them 80-64 in the end, however there were a few times in the game where we were tied or they were beating us. It was great to have another competitive match where we were able to learn a lot through playing a team with a different style of play.

Afterwards we had dinner with the team on their campus. When we finished dinner we got a few team pictures, and of course they all wanted selfies with us! They were all very friendly and welcoming to us.

At this point in the day we were all starting to get quite tired. Before heading back, we stopped at a restaurant downtown to say thank you to the important sponsors that made this trip possible for us. After talking with them for a few minutes, they surprised us with a river boat cruise downtown! We were all very shocked and so excited. We walked straight to the river and hopped on the river boat!

All of the skyscrapers, towers, and bridges were all lit up making the river boat cruise stunning. We were able to stand outside and look out at all the city lights for around 45 minutes. We were so fortunate to get to experience this type of thing, and it was an amazing opportunity for us to see how beautiful Tianjin is. Tomorrow is our last full day in Tianjin, so we are trying to enjoy every last bit of it!