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September 20, 2017

By Tessa Ratzlaff

This morning we had a delicious buffet breakfast to start off our day! Afterwards, we headed to Hope International School, where there are kids from all over the world who are grades K-12. They all knew how to speak English and Chinese, and many of them could speak Korean as well!

Afterwards Phil and Blair talked briefly about Trinity Western University, and the opportunities that are available to the kids. Cheryl then talked a bit about our basketball program, and then Teanna and Kayla shared their experiences so far attending TWU, and all the unique opportunities they have been given. After promoting the University, we ran a basketball clinic for the Grade 8 and 11 kids during their gym class.

We split up into different groups and worked on layups, ball handling, and shooting with the kids. We were a bit surprised how many kids hadn't played basketball before. So in that case, we had to break down a layup into multiple steps so they understood how to do one. It was a neat opportunity for all us to use our coaching skills to teach the kids some new things!

We headed back downtown for lunch, and then drove back to the school so we could practice for about an hour! After an intense game of mafia on the bus ride home, we all got ready for the acrobatics show! Since it takes us 10 years to drive anywhere downtown, we had to leave quite early to get to the show on time!

The acrobatics show was crazy, and most of us were a bit stressed watching! We saw 12 girls ride on one bicycle, a man balance on about 10 chairs in the air, a man ride a bicycle upside down on a tight rope, girls spinning six plates while doing acrobatics, eight motorcycles ride in a circular cage, and a few other amazing acts! It was very entertaining. Overall we had an amazing day, and tomorrow will be another event filled day!

Words from the girls about the day..

Sarah Buckingham - "The acrobatic show was way to dangerous."

Luci Golubic - "I thought they could only fit three girls on a bike, and then there was 12 of them!"

Kayla Gordon - "It was really fun to spend some time teaching new skills to the kids, and sharing about our experiences at Trinity Western."