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September 17, 2017

By Tessa Ratzlaff

This Sunday morning we met at 6:30 a.m. for breakfast! Or should I say dinner? Our hotel breakfast buffet consisted of eggs and toast, but they also offered meatballs, chow mein noodles, kimchi, french fires, edamame, almond jelly, and we can't forget the fried chicken.

After eating breakfast we headed out to the train station. Three trains later, and we figured out that the trains to Hiroshima Memorial Park were cancelled due to the Typhoon! Everyone was a little upset, especially because we were supposed to ride on the fastest train in the world to get there. However, instead we got to go see the Osaka Castle!

This Japanese Castle had nine floors, and on each floor there were different galleries explaining some of the history in Osaka! At the the very top you were able to walk around the castle and see a stunning view of the city.

After visiting the castle we headed to lunch, and some of the girls bought some soft serve ice cream. Some of the ice cream flavours we had were banana, milk, and matcha tea! Very interesting... but very good! After taking about a hundred trains (not actually, but you seriously need to take a few trains in order to get anywhere out here) we then walked to our new hotel downtown. Because of the address system in Japan, it was a bit of a scavenger hunt trying to find our hotel. Lets just say we may have walked in a few loops.... but in the end we found it, and we definitely burnt a few extra calories with all the walking we had to do! Luckily the hotel had some luxurious massage chairs for our sore bodies.

In the evening, we set out downtown for dinner and a bit of shopping! We went to Dotonburi, which is basically streets and streets of stores and restaurants! To start off, Gordon, who is our leader on this trip, told us we could have 15 minutes to check out UNIQLO clothing store, which is basically a cheaper version of the GAP. Of course with there being 4 floors of clothing and 18 girls, it took us twice that long to "check out the store." We then went to Kaiten sushi, which is when sushi goes around on a conveyer belt to each table, and you get to select the sushi you would like to eat! Some of us stepped out of our comfort zones and tried some more authentic sushi.

We finished the night off exploring the shops in downtown Osaka, and then walked back to our hotel successfully without getting lost.

Here are a few words from a few girls about the day...

Tessa Needham - "Inside the Osaka Castle museum there were small individual video projections acting out parts of the regional history. I really enjoyed the unique artistry of these displays while learning about the area of Osaka."

Luci Golubic - "I loved the rooftop of the castle! You were able to walk around the whole castle, and see the amazing view of the whole city!"

Bre Cabuco - "I really enjoyed the sushi served on the conveyer belt, because there was a wide variety of sushi and we got to try new things... like raw squid!"